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McKleinUSA is for the hardworking American dreamer who wants a no fuss dynamic all in one case. McKleinUSA is a story of hard work and commitment.  McKleinUSA was created out of an unshakable passion for hard work. Founders Parinda and Chettha Saetia were born into the leather goods business in Thailand, where their father manufactured bags. The plan was always for the two to work in the family business but when they left for school in America everything changed. They saw all the possibilities that hard work could offer them in this country so these overachieving siblings decided to build something of their own, to live the American dream. What better way to live the American dream than to become an active part of everyone else's dream? The name McKlein was made up strategically, to represent their vision and inspirations. McKleinUSA's name was made up to represent our vision. Our consumers are hard working, successful professionals living their American dreams. Our products are lightweight, durable and beautifully designed. They took inspiration from Chicago streets and landmarks to name the products since there is no better symbol of the American dream than this great city.

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